Monday, March 10, 2008

(patterns: again)

….Patterns are indigenous to daily life like maps, patterns guide our habits, and movements, and inner clockwork, defining our personalities as they endlessly repeat and overlap….

-Graphic Design MFA Maryland Institute of Art

The Maryland Institute of Art basically summed up the gist of my exhibit where I tried to fuse Asian textile design to contemporary colors. One year ago, when I first decided to mount this exhibit, I was trying to look for a way to show my love for Indian and indonesian textiles, as well as Pacita Abad’s trapunta art. After much research, swatches and books, I thought to myself, I’ll just paint, and be open to be surprised. Sure enough I started with the long canvasses, and named them “pathways”, I literally felt as if I was –paving my way into myself, through every nook and cranny, and breezing through colors. I purposely studded my paintings with little patterns of traingles, circles and lines, reminiscent of the small things I do all the time, and how much I love to be a packrat. I love the texture of small details, like when you look at an ivory carving or miniatures. Soon enough, I was already finishing my pieces. Looking at the artworks, I could recount the small joys of the day, the ebb and the flow of the tide, the rise and setting of the sun as well as the fibonacci count of nature. I just wish I could share with you as much joy as I had painting my artworks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

things to be thanked about.......

I got inspired about reading comments from blindsided about “prosperity that matters”.

It’s very hard to see my life in a macrocosmic view before, when I was still so busy in my former work. Now that I left it, not only was I able to find a different perspective of life, but also my face cleared up of my acne, and then I thought before that I needed medicines and a whole lot of trouble to save my skin. Little did I know it was just the stress (fear of not doing good, late nights and sunday work) , not the food, not the boys, or my genes.

I’m painting now, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s my husband. It’s my first love. I sometimes forget to eat not like when I was still working in advertising where stress really churns up acid in your stomach. I’m, not surprised that a lot of agency, production people and post production people are fat, drink too much, or suffer from ulcers. I don’t know why even if I work longer hours in painting, I don’t get the queasiness I usually get from advertising.

Life is much more simple now, there’s more time to live the kind of life that busy people often only resolve to live, more time to relish on afternoons of manila bay, more time to talking to friends, more time to read my books that I’ve put off as long as I could remember, more time to commit on endeavors that really have meaning in my life, more time to enjoy mc do french fries and savor the calamares of the street vendors, more time to erase the bad memories and the psyche that you’re not good enough, not desirable enough, not rich enough when you’re pitted in dog eat dog world.

I thank god I haven’t been swallowed by the system just yet. Preserve some of the idealism and innocence of people I have lost while working in a culture of two-faces, stabbing backs and egocentric bosses .I thank god also, for having met under difficult circumstances, people who are truly friends. The last quarter of 2007 was truly a revelation to me.

Yesterday, I saw my ex with a brand new girlfriend, walking hand in hand in cubao. Maybe she still doesn’t know she has other girlfriends in different places, that he wheedles money through pity and coercion, or that he is prone to violence. I was tempted to warn off the girl, when gino my good friend called to pick me up at another side of shopwise. While I was reminded of my sad fate 2 years ago with my ex, I was happy that everything was over.

There’s really too much to thank about. Thank god for that.