Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally Here

Daniel Tayona finally convinced me to put up a blog about art ... So here i am... I usually put up my artworks in multiply (forever pics and videos yay!) and friendster. But I usually miss out saying stuff about my art when I post it multiply.

Now that i think about it, Daniel's really lucky that he has stories to begin with when he does his paintings and drawings. I simply draw or paint by impulse.... and look at it after awhile...and build from there.

People think sometimes it's easy to paint when they see a finished product most especially with abstract paintings. Some, disdainful by the amount some pieces can be sold with so called "minimal" efforts. It's really too tiring to explain the processes and the effort that comes to building an artwork. We artists need to live, pay rent, pay the carpenters, buy expensive art supplies, produce an exhibit and contend with naysayers! I hope people can get educated by how much money, time and thought goes in producing an artwork and not just raise a brow and ask... really? that much for a bunch of globs of paint?

....Hay ... Mahirap talaga mabuhay. Anyway, I have more pics in the meanwhile here: