Sunday, August 17, 2008

Manor Farm

this is supposed to be the heavy burden of the yoke of capitalism. The animals of animal farm are again disillussioned by the change of leadership as they find out that the pigs of animal farm resemble their former human master. It meant death for boxer, the horse, and oppression for the rest.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

new graphics done...

... new layouts i did for friends...
and for lovina.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

static and silence

here's a little digital artwork i did for the sunday's monochrome song... It's so wonderful!

ts 4 in the morning july in 69
Me and my sister
We crept down like shadows
Theyre bringing the moon right down to our sitting room
Static and silence and a monochrome vision

Theyre dancing around
Slow puppets silver ground
And the world is watching with joy
We hear a voice from above and its history
And we stayed awake all night

And something is said and the whole room laughs aloud
Me and my sister
Looking on like shadows
The end of an age as we watched them walk in a glow
Lost in space, but I dont know where it is

Theyre dancing around
Slow puppets silver ground
And the stars and stripes in the sand
We hear a voice from above and its history
And we stayed awake all night

Theyre dancing around
It sends a shiver down my spine
And I run to look in the sky and
I half expect to hear them asking to come down
(oh) will they fly or will they fall?
To be excited by a long late night

popsicle toes in css

I was very happy with the out come of the css project i had for a friend, I found it really cute, and i'm glad she liked it a lot too... I hope her husband approves... He's a tough one to please! hahahaah.

here's my temp layout site for her...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Animal Farm

I was inspired by George Orwell's classic tale of greed and corruption. This is my rendition of "animalism" . It is a collage of the promises of animal farm's utopia. A life of plenty and warmth for animals of manor farm.

I colored the collage using the philippine flag's colors to incorporate it in the philippine setting.This for me is reminiscent of the utopia most politicians promise before elections to the masses. The masses still hope for the future, even if sometimes, as the book reveals, people topple down tyrants and replace governments, leaders are corrupted by absolute power just the same and we are doomed to live the same system, even if we get different leaders. It is a sad reminder that we forget our history and we are always doomed to repeat it.